An evening of Pop & Soul with Evelyn!

Born with a natural gift of song, Evelyn (Evie) is no stranger to audience. Performing with a number of accomplished musicians in the live entertainment circuit, she continues to wow audiences with her inimitable style and stage presence. Her wide repertoire ranging from jazz standards to pop promises something for everyone’s musical palate. 

Although very much into current favourites like Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Pink and even the late Amy Winehouse, this soulful young lady refers to herself as an old soul, for she finds her greatest inspiration from old greats including Ray Charles, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald and Shirley Bassey. 

Just like her idols, Evie does not believe that any song should be sung in vain. Which is one of the possible reasons why she has been making waves around local pubs, mesmerizing listeners with her sensational vocal capability. She’s known to either touch you deeply or bring the house down with her renditions of songs. 

Catch her performing Live at Ril's Bangsar on the 18th October!