An evening with Xiong at Ril's!

On Friday, September 5th, Ril's welcomes you to an evening of 'Musica Popular Brasileira’ - A term that is widely used to describe all the various genres of music from Brazil. Featuring Xiong backed by Azmi Hairundi on saxophone, Marina Zaini on Bass, Justin Lim on Percussion.

What to expect? Come without expectations would be best. This is music that is truly unique. it is for those of you who every once in a while, say to yourselves ‘I wish to go out and listen to music, but something different’ – well this is for you !!!

The music that we will share with you, falls under the shade of the huge umbrella known as ‘Musica Popular Brasileira’. This term is widely used to describe all the various genres of music from Brazil, which of course includes Sambas, Bossa Novas, some Partido Altos and other various rhythms indigenous to that country plus a healthy dose of Jazz improvisations.

There will not be any of your ‘played–to–death’ pub staples. There will be infectious rhythms, beautiful melodies, music that moves you. 

I’ve often been asked ‘’Why Bossa Nova’’?. It would be conceited of me to claim that Bossa Nova is made for me, I however do feel that my personality mirrors the sensibilities of Bossa Nova more than any other genre of music. 

Through ‘Bossa Nova’ as a medium, I feel ‘at home’. I do not feel the need or necessity of putting on a persona. No matter how close you imitate so-and-so, you’ll never be so-and-so. 

All of us come from different musical backgrounds, from Classical to Pop to Jazz but all very much rooted in improvisation.

Azmi Hairundi (on saxophone) is one of the most highly sought after musician in KL both for recordings and live performances. Unassuming and modest by nature, he is about the only Malaysian musician who regularly (at least for the past 5 years) grace the international stage in Jakarta – performing at Java Jazz, a yearly world renown international Jazz festival playing with one of Indonesia’s highly respected pianist, Idang Rasjidi

The same is true for Marina Zaini (bassist), one of the very few bassist who is equally at home on the upright as well as the electric bass (not unusual to see her in the orchestral pit one night and in a pub the next laying down a funky bass groove.

Justin Lim, percussionist – is the ‘odd-man-out’ as his medium of expression is through paints and canvases, one of those rare individuals who sees rhythms in paintings. When he’s not busy holding art exhibitions of his own works at home or abroad, you’ll find him on music stages from KL to Taiwan performing at various music festivals. Justin truly adds color to the music.