The Funk Machine live

The Funk Machine, the name speaks for itself!
The band that consists of four young members that thrive on the adrenalin with their love of music and undisputed passion for funk and blues.
With the soulful music and funky tunes, the funk machine want to deliver a wide genre of music to the young and old. All band members with different musical background:
Starting with Dalnor Zachary on the lead guitars, his face melting solos and funky riffs will sure get your feet moving,
Joshua on bass has a real soulful feel to his touch on the bass that will surely make you feel the funk!
Emmanuel on the drums with his flair will surely get your head bobbing to his beats on the other hand he is also a vocalist up front, and lastly the front man; Aaron Gideon who moves like James Brown and gets back up gracefully like the late, great Michael jackson.
Leaving audiences with good time, jiving to all their tunes!