Greg Lyons live - 16 May

Currently based out of Singapore, Greg Lyons is becoming known to an ever-increasing network of listeners for a commitment to making original music of an eclectic nature combining elements of his whole musical evolution - which includes representations of jazz, classical, funk, rock, pop, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, avant-garde, folk and lots more.

This idea of "organic" composition/performance creates music that defies genre or classification but that communicates at many levels. It's strength in communication is also it's weakness in marketability in that it's impossibvle to pigeon-hole. It is tied together by the insistence of groove and also by the ethos of jazz which puts the ultimate control in the spontaneity of the moment.

Catch the British saxophonist, composer and arranger alongside Daniel Foong on Bass, Ee Jeng Hin on Piano & Charles Wong on Drums - live at Ril's, Friday 16th May.

RM20 Entry - Free if DIning at Ril's.

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