Gregory Ramanado featuring Misiom

Gregory Ramanado is a versatile Malaysian songster. Known for his charismatic and high energy persona on stage, engaging his audiences with his funky flavor of musicality.

Get ready for an action packed evening of song and dance as he excites you with melody, dance and rhythm at Ril's Bangsar featuring the Classical Opera group MISIOM!

Misiom is an classical opera group created in the middle of the year 2015. We are a combination between piano instrument and Vocal. Our Pianist name is Usamah Widiatmoko age 25 And Edwin Dimitri age 22 as vocalist. We sings covers songs from the year 1880 - 1960s. Our playlist are mostly classical, but we do also a semi-classical pop music based on the Latest classical popular songs. 

Misiom was created because we want to give a different experience to the music listener in Malaysia. People said that Opera musical is suitable for the high ranked people but for us opera is suitable for all music listener.