Lollipops & Tandoori - Ril's cocktail news

Introducing the Whiskey Sour and Gin & Tonic lollipops (pictured above) now available at Ril's at RM25 a pop! Beat the heat with one of these refreshing "drinks"!
And anouncing our brand new cocktail menu available from the 1st of July - What to expect:
  • Smoky coffee flavours with chilli avocado ice cream floats.
  • Tandoori style bloody marys.
  • Espresso ice cubes.
  • Goose fat infused whiskey vut with pickle juice and celery.
  • Juniper berries and coriander infused gin

(Pictures coming soon...)

Get down to Ril's and try out some of our brand new exclusive creations by Barmeister James Barker!