Melissa Indot takes you back to the GROOVY 80s


After a succesful series of shows at various other venues Melissa is finally bringing her energetic 80s show to Ril's!

We're going to take you down memory lane with some of the best and the CHEESIEST 80s pop that ever existed. Songs in the 80 were seriously well crafted artistic works and its been a whole load of fun preparing for this.

As usual shell mix things up a little with some of her original tunes off the new album MDot, which has many 80s inspired tracks.

You'll also be able to grab your coy of the physical album if you havent already bought it on iTunes.

Come ready to sing your heart out to Michael Jackson Stevie Wonder Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, Wham! as well as Sheila Majid and remember all those cringe-worthy fashion failures and clichés we survived in the Groovy 80s.

The Band:
WLi Cheah Keyboards
Sudin Drums
Laura Lim Bass
Ian-kafye Lam Guitar

Free Admission
For more information, please call 03 2201-3846