Michael Leaner & Friends

"Music is my life, People are my passion"

Michael has always aspired to relate music and life into a simple connection, bringing meaning and sense to life. His artwork is basically the expression of how he feels about things in life generally about people, emotions and inspirations gained from life experiences. 

In simple, he desires to inspire people in the things he pursues mainly through his music and also writings. Making good music so that it can be a therapeutic tool to enable his audiences/listeners to go through different experiences & phases in life. Michael loves the idea of being a Freedom Writer. "Music speaks like different languages, it can be as simple or as complicated as life itself, with the differences of ideas, perceptions that humanity and mankind approaches , It is how one conveys or be opened to it. 

"Music speaks through the silence within the human heart."

Michael's music is often described as : Honest, emotional, soulful, ambiguous but up-lifting. He focuses a lot on his vocal tonal capability.

Don't miss him performing live at Ril's Bangsar!