POOVA Live - 9th May

Malaysian born singer, songwriter, composer and producer, Poova is as multi-faceted as she is multi talented. Nominated for 3 VIMA awards and winner of best overall pop act at the VIMAs 2013, there is no doubting the international class of this amazing performer, from her own albums to collaborations with other artists, Poova is what Malaysias international music scene is all about.

Catch her live with her band performing at Ril's Bangsar 9th May 2014.

RM20 Entry - Free if dining at Ril's.

- Biography -

Poova has been performing as an original artist, since 2009 and debuted her original first album in her Ticket to Faketown tour in 2012 backed by a 9 piece band, financed and organized under her production company Bumpertobumper Productions. Alongside this Poova works with corporate companies and has chalked up an impressive list of events and has sung almost everywhere worth singing in Kuala Lumpur and is well known and admired by many in the Malaysian music scene, for her unassuming, down to earth attitude and ability to command attention from her audiences.

Poova has performed with The Jerry Felix Band after Malaysian Idol winner Jaclyn Victor moved on to enter the Idol competition. Singing with the well known rock band, gave her a solid base that would soon help to develop the powerful voice she has today. Later she formed The PHD who crafted and blended their own mix of soul and funk angles on popular rock, jazz, soul, disco and funk classics. Later with the Mafia Cartell they once again gave their particular take on classic rock, blues, disco and soul and again with album producing band Tokyo Blue alongside talented Japanese bass guitar sessionist Hiro and pianist and singer Ywenna performing jazz instrumentals as well as jazz, soul, funk and disco from both the modern and retro scene, Poova has also performed with Fusion Factor and Giant Timeline, Gruvavenue and many others as well as giving many impromptu performances when out and about in KL.

In addition to an amazing voice, crazy songwriting skills, her piano playing, composing and producing, Poova has a look that has got her several modeling jobs for prestige magazines and she has been sponsored outfits for events by several top fashion houses. Thanks to several TV and radio interviews, all with live performances and a headlining performance at the huge Taichung Jazz festival, Poovas name and music is already being heard all over the world.

Poova lists amongst her many influences, Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Carpenters, Average White Band, Jimmy Hendrix, Nina Simone, Lynn Collins, Bread, America, Jamiroquai, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Amy Winehouse and Beyonce to name but a few.

Reviews of Poovas original music,

“To have a good story, it has to be clear and concise. And Poova does just that with her songs. Hardly leaving the harmonies and dynamics behind, she blends them all together to take us to another planet. Her vocals are just as pleasing as her personality , and she sings right from the heart. “Faketown” strikes me as one of the most honest songs written by any local singers. Only thing missing is her debut album, which I know, I’m not the only one anticipating. “ DJ Naj, The Jazz Kitchen, Traxx Fm, February 2012.

- Acheivements -

2013 VIMA awards best overall pop act
2014 VIMA silver award best pop song category
2014 VIMA silver award best overall Asian independent artist category
2014 VIMA bronze award best vocalist category
2014 Brand ambassadorship “The Music Run”