Ril's Electro Swing Saturday - 3rd May

Featuring DJ Lawrence Graham & Johny Thomson

After a decade of rocking dance floors across the UK and Europe London boy Lawrence Graham, underground deep house and disco specialist, has been busy on the KL scene. In addition to various rooftop, helipad and jungle parties, he has held residencies at both Cobra Kai and Techno Lemak. The latter saw him warm up for the likes of DJ Bone, Adam Swain and Arjun Vagale. A recent collaboration with Deer Society led to a guest spot at Urbanscapes. He became a regular feature at Birth of the Cool at Bait before starting his own Sunday Sundaze parties at Frangipani. In the mean time he has also been co-running Soul Content for the last two years which
introduced electro swing to KL with a series of sell out parties.

Although he still loves spinning vinyl records this decknologist is always looking to move forward. In his latest project at Ril's Bangsar, he blends the old with the new while bringing in his own production skills.
With his laptop and Ableton Live he seamlessly mixes live musicians - Aslak Gronflaten (trumpet & flute, Johny Thompson (keys) and Jonathon Khor (violin) - into his own and others' productions. Together they
produce a night of sophisticated electro swing like nothing you have heard before.

Catch DJ Lawrence Graham live alongside Johny Thomson on Piano Saturday 3rd May.