#ROUGE - A night of Cabaret with Ushera - 27 June

#ROUGE is all about an intimate night of music, passion and enticement, with some quirky and sultry entertainment in store.These elements are instrumental to Ushera’s depiction of her life and the history of the musicals.

Ushera’s 2nd successful show in May proved that singing, acting and entertaining is definitely in her blood. Catch her back in action on 27th June at Ril’s Bangsar where you can look forward to another elaborate spectacle of costumes and ensembles in a cosy vintage setting. The set will be complete with collaboration from "Vinter Vintage", a fashion house which extensively collects authentic Scandinavian vintage clothing dating back to the 1900’s.

The show will depict two different styles, with quirky Foxtrot on the first set and sensual soulful numbers on the second set. Expect numbers like ‘Poor Unfortunate Soul’ from the Little Mermaid, ‘Second Hand Rose’ from Funny Girl and ‘Buka Pintu' by Anneke Grönloh.

Be entertained with the lights on, lights off and all that jazz.

Save this special date on your calendar!

Contact: +603 2181 1634 for reservations