Serani Trio ft. Mangz

Join us for a night of classics, from blues and rock to reggae and funk with The Serani Trio featuring Mangz!

3 Portuguese Eurasian boys -

Ramon Singho (lead guitarist from the band Blister)
Julio Singho (bassist from the band Blister)
Aaron Gideon (drummer from the band Shake n' Bake)

These 3 musicians decided to mash up a band and to perform on days when their main bands were not performing just to fill in the extra time. Formed some where in August 2013, this band has now build a reputation for themselves. Playing in clubs around the Klang Valley has gotten their name in the local newspaper a couple of times.

Type of songs that Serani Trio play are from the old school blues, to rock 'n roll, to reggae, to jazz, to funk, to ballads, love songs and even to some of today's stuf