Signatures & Specials - Second Quarter

Ril's is pleased to introduce our brand new Signatures & Specials - Second Quarter Cocktail Menu, specially created by Ril's mix maestro, James Barker.

Jeli Bunga
The jelly flower brings together London dry gin with the punchy flavour of fresh basil, the zest of lemon rind and the floral sweetness of rose petal jelly, in the form of a garnish. Served up ice cold, martini style.

No Bra
Drawing further inspiration from Asia, this cocktail brings together Cameron Highlands Orange Pekoe tea infused rum, vanilla bubbles, Chartreuse Jaune, and bitter lime tincture.

Clarified seaweed vodka, forms the base of this Japanese Bloody Mary inspired long drink. Ingredients such as miso and sesame add spice while an extra dimension is added through the use
of lemon juice and fresh chilli.

Fatty for a scent
This signature creation draws upon the qualities of a highland single malt. Lavender honey combined with a Guinness reduction, brings bitter menthol notes which sit almost perfectly underneath this whisky.

Major Madre
Smoky Mezcal spirit is sweetened with a drop of condensed milk and balanced with tangy grilled balsamic strawberries, a dash of home made saffron bitters adds depth, while a layer of cucumber foam lends a pleasing texture.

Death in Melaka
A cocktail inspired by Malaysian effervescence, Sparkling wine, red hibiscus, aloe vera sugar shards and a drop of angelique come together to create a sparkling libation inspired by the pioneering Admiral Cheng Ho. Sayangi Malaysia!