The String Session with ROZZ™

The thing one notices first about ROZZ™ is not the fabulous designer outfits or the super-high pumps that he wears. When you watch him perform, you see beyond all the accoutrements - you see a very abled performer for whom no genre is a challenge too big. And to add, he has a musical style that is a far cry from anything generic. ROZZ's reputation as one of the most compelling and sought-after entertainers in Kuala Lumpur, preceeds him.

The major influences on his singing and writing comprise of an eclectic mix: from the likes of Barbra Streisand, Joan Sutherland and Freddie Mercury to Grace Jones and Diamanda Galas.

Upon completion of high school in Penang, ROZZ furthered his education in Theater Studies and International Relations in the United States, after which he eventually arrived at the epicentre of the actor’s domain in New York City where he was featured in many stage productions.

One has to witness ROZZ perform live to truly comprehend the phenomenon of his fascinating and commanding presence, complemented by his amazing vocal prowess and astounding stage persona.

Catch his captivating performance at Ril's Bangsar on Friday the 3rd of October, from 10pm.


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“My Heart Belongs To Daddy”, No Black Tie, Kuala Lumpur

“Someone Like You”, No Black Tie, Kuala Lumpur

Marilyn Monroe Medley, No Black Tie, Kuala Lumpur

One Of Us, No Black Tie, Kuala Lumpur