Tiah & Friends Live!

Fatihah Ridhwani, or better known as Tiah Ridhwani on stage, grew up in a family where ‘Earth Wind and Fire’ and ‘Frank Sinatra’ were consistently played in the car. Her love for music was ever growing, throughout high school, until it became solidified when she got herself into International College of Music (ICOM). There, she met like-minded people such as herself whose hard work and talent encouraged her to further pursue her path in music. After a short detour, this Advertising and Marketing Communications graduate has returned to the music scene, doing what she loves most – performing.

Together with the usual band that backs her up, they bring back the beats of R&B, the emotions in Soul and songs that can never seem to get out of your head. With their passion for music, and charm as their tool, these young musicians will make sure you have fun and enjoy yourself. After not performing for over a year, she surprised everyone with the crowd she was able to bring in, after that long break. Living up to the praises that surround her voice, she comes back, better in each show. Not only on stage is she building her name, but also as an entrepreneur. With the tremendous support from many after listening to her recognizable voice on the radio, she was given the chance to record for Original Soundtracks (OST) for several TV series aired on TV1, TV2 and Astro.

Catch her alongside her band performing live at Ril's on Friday the 27th of February!