Vino Bar Band ft. Big Al & Don

This cosmopolitan ensemble consists of five session musicians each from different regions and ethnicity of the world (Malaysia,Tanzania, Japan and Middle East).

They've been performing as house band or guest band for different music clubs, bars, pubs and bistros in Kuala Lumpur, such as Nerofico and Vino Bar within past years.
Alexandra (AKA Alex) the young local music tutor, singer and songwriter beside Donald S Omar (AKA Donny Boy), the African singer and keyboardist, are both the expert performers and they usually perform together. Their repertoire is a mix of modified Standard Jazz Hits, R&B, Soul, Funk and generally the music genres which been known by the term as African Music. In addition they will be accompanied by Masahiro (AKA Hiro) the guitarist, Arash on drums and Maziyar (AKA Mazz) on bass.

Catch this original ensamble live on stage at Ril's Bangsar this Saturday 10th January!