Zinedine Tsigane ft. Mathilde Limal

Join us for an evening of Gypsy Jazz with Zinedine Tsigane featuring a special guest, Mathilde Limal!

Featuring the traveling duo of buskers, Zinedine Tsigane all the way from Berlin, you will be treated to an original musical experience which will be remembered.

"Daniel Duspiwa, born in Paris in 1987, is a gypsy jazz guitarist, composer and a music teacher. At the age of 17 that he discovered a passion for the music of Django Reinhardt. Without wasting time, he started learning the subtleties of this mythical style called “Gypsy Jazz”. When he was 18 he started to learn in the jazz school "Arpeges" in Paris. In 2005 with the age in 19, Daniel decide to live professionally as a musician in Berlin. From 2006 to 2012, he works in the jazz collectif "Djanovis", learn playing on the side of old experienced musicians and starts to learn the saxophone. In 2010, he plays on tour in the USA from Los Angeles to New York with the band "Petrovjic Blasting Company" where he played a. saxophone and t. Banjo.

He is inspired by multiple influences, from the authentic sound of Django to the modern approach of Pat Martino. He now formed the Swing-to-Bop group "Pustefish Swingbop'ers" with the trompet player Johannes Krause in
April 2013 . In one year, he recorded 2 albums with his group.

This summer he met Robert Strobl, founding member of KL's resident gypsy jazz band "Douche Manouche", in Berlin. "Zinedine Tsigane" was born. They started playing together in several street cafes and bars and went for their first tour in Austria and Italy as soon as they had completed their setlist. Now their are looking forward to bring their music to Malaysia. The duo blends the traditional guitar based gypsy jazz with saxophone and clarinette.”