Introducing the Wakandi's Brew

West Winds Cutlass gin, Dried olive infused balsamic syrup, Lime, Becherovka, Xocolate bitters, and a Lagavulin rinse.

Zach’s entry into the Juniper smackdown. Smokey, spicy and sweet flavors complement the savoury and herbaceous flavors of the incredible Cutlass gin. Shaken with egg white to soften and bind these intense and complex flavors.


Wild Honey, Lemon Thyme and Ginseng root, complimented with grapefruit zest and fresh citrus juice together create this richly textured, sharp and zesty libation. Served up, with a dash of Angostura bitters.

Gregory Ramanado is a versatile Malaysian songster. Known for his charismatic and high energy persona on stage, engaging his audiences with his funky flavor of musicality.

Get ready for an action packed evening of song and dance as he excites you with melody, dance and rhythm at Ril's Bangsar Saturday 20th June at 10pm. Come get funky!

A clarified milk punch, created in house through blending fresh tropical fruits, pandan infused Cachaça, whole milk and citrus. Filtered and aged using a solera system, this drink gets better with age, just like Zach's mother. Cheers!

In addition to our talented musicians playing this weekend, we are delighted to announce that seasoned Melbourne bartender, Mr Callan Green from In Good Spirits will be behind the bar this Friday and Saturday night.

Working with London trained head bartender James Barker, the pair will be showcasing their exclusive menus of four drinks each, available on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th June...

A cocktail with two personalities. On the surface, a balanced vanilla gastrique foam with torched licorice root. Underneath, barrel aged Tequila is married with floral Parfait Amour and bound together by Cardamom bitters.

This cheeky highball has a strong backbone of Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old Single Malt from Islay, with a guest appearance from dry-as-dust Olorosso sherry. Lengthened with the addition of fresh pineapple juice, maple syrup and caramelized sugar cane. Awesome.

Bittersweet, stirred down and served up. Campari infused with raw cacao nibs and coconut, Hawaiian rum and Carpano Antica Formula with a twist. A sublime evening tipple inspired by Venetian aperitifs.

MEHICO! Here we use Monte Alban Mezcal as a base providing smoky agave notes. After which we add a splash of house-fermented Tepache, cinnamon syrup, lime juice and top it off with lager. Imagine Pimm's, from Mehico.

Salted white chocolate and fennel liqueur, the latest addition to our menu and available from tonight throughout the festive season. Also goes down amazingly with a drop of calvados. First one of you to try gets a free cherry!